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Your San Ramon Valley PTA Council is here to support you and we appreciate your dedication to improving the lives of all kids and families! Here you’ll find all the PTA resources, tools, programs and services available exclusively to PTA leaders to help make your job easier.

Ways For Parents to Learn More About Participating in Decision-Making

Well-informed and engaged parents help to ensure that every student has an opportunity to enjoy overall success in school and beyond. There are several ways parents can collaborate with school staff and district leadership as partners in school governance and decision-making, including:

> Attending PTA meetings and sharing your parent view on school-related issues with educators. Contact your school PTA President about the agenda process and parliamentary procedure for having a dialogue

> Serving on your PTA boards, school site councils, education fund boards, and school district committees

> Keeping other parents informed about specific issues and laws that affect their children’s schools as a PTA legislative committee member

> Providing a parent’s perspective by taking part in committees who interview and hire school staff

> Working with other school and community leaders on programs, policies and practices that support student achievement

> Attending LCAP meetings, school board meetings, and special board of education workshops that are open to the public

Want to find out more about California’s education system and how you can make a difference? Check out the Ed100 website: www.ed100.org.

Volunteers and Student Privacy

Please take a few minutes to watch both videos to become familiar with important student privacy information. 

  • School Volunteers and FERPA is about knowing your role in protecting student information while helping out in your school. The video explains some of a volunteer's responsibilities to help keep the student information they work with private and secure. (https://youtu.be/HAU-aMqzxZE 3:03 minutes)

Document links

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