2018-2019 Council of PTAs Goals and Objectives


Goal 1:

Support and empower PTA unit presidents and other board members at our 35 unit PTAs through communication, training, coaching and collaboration.

  • Objective 1. Incorporate mini-trainings into the monthly Presidents’ Meetings

  • Objective 2. Host position specific round-table discussions throughout the year.

  • Objective 3. Continue unit leader mentoring program and training.

Goal 2:

Promote and increase PTA membership.

  • Objective 1. Engage units in promoting Local, California State PTA, and National membership campaigns.

  • Objective 2. Support the units in the timely, proper and ongoing reporting of members through channels.

  • Objective 3. Promote membership with families in our district onsite preschool programs, and encourage and support units with preschool outreach.

  • Objective 4. Extend membership opportunities to community leaders and members.

  • Objective 5. Promote membership with all students, including students at our alternative high schools.

Goal 3:

Communicate information about our programs and other programs of interest to the community, PTA units, parents and teachers using a variety of communication tools.

  • Objective 1. Create and maintain an all-inclusive Council calendar to be posted on the website.

  • Objective 2. Provide council board members with training and support for maintaining their committees’ content on the council website.

  • Objective 3. Continue to provide training for effective use of social media.

Goal 4:

Continue to address inclusion and diversity within the San Ramon Valley.

  • Objective 1. Promote empathy and the acceptance of similarities and differences within our school communities, making schools and PTAs welcoming to all.

  • Objective 2. Continue to share, evaluate and implement best practices in the areas of inclusion and diversity throughout our council.

  • Objective 3. Continue promoting the use of welcoming activities to encourage family engagement and PTA membership.

  • Objective 4. Continue to collaborate with and support on campus student organizations to promote empathy among students.

  • Objective 5. Support district initiatives regarding cultural responsiveness and race.

Goal 5:

Provide programs: Parent & Community Engagement, Special Needs, Legislative Advocacy, Sister School, National PTA Reflections, Scholarships & Awards, Health & Wellness, Street Smarts, Registration and Hospitality.

  • Objective 1. Proactively engage unit representatives to promote increased participation on council committees and at their units.

  • Objective 2. Identify and develop future leaders through involvement on council committees.

  • Objective 3. Continue to encourage collaboration among council committees.

Goal 6:

Continue representation on District committees including those involved with school climate and culture as well as academics.