Ed100 Parent Leader Guide

This Parent Leader Guide provides "ready to go" plans for parent group meetings. We want to help you hold meetings that matter. It's all here: Lessons, discussion guides, handouts and suggestions for taking action.

You want to improve your school. We want to help you succeed. This Guide for Parent Leaders offers specific advice and practical tools to help you engage and support your school community. After all, how much that's worth doing can you really do all alone? Using these resources, you can build your school's capacity to face facts, work together, sharpen focus, or change direction.

Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  • Invite your board and school community to join Ed100.org.

  • Use the lessons as Mini-Trainings for your board or leadership committee

  • Get parents to sign up and sign in -- and enter a drawing to win money for their school.

By having these conversations together, you will have more fun, learn more, and have a much bigger chance of turning insights into actions for your school. Many of the lessons in Ed100 are available in both English and Spanish, which can help you include more of your school community in the dialogue.