Inclusion and Diversity


Committee Member Guidelines

  • Attend monthly SRV Council PTA IDC meetings

  • Share IDC programs and events that have been successful at our SRVUSD schools

  • Encourage diverse parent involvement to represent all student populations

  • Facilitate your school's Words Matter Week activities (Feb 4-8, 2019)

  • Attend your school PTA meetings to discuss and obtain approval on all IDC projects suggested by the IDC committee and PTA members

  • Lead the planning of cultural awareness event(s) that invite parents, students and staff to share their traditions with each other through traditional food, dance, artifacts, crafts and games

  • Help coordinate a PTA welcome or buddy committee for families new to the school

  • Check with PTA President to ensure that IDC has a budget and is on your PTA meeting agendas

SRVCPTA Inclusion & Diversity Committee Goals

Inclusion is a commitment to involve the entire school community in planning, as well as enjoying, PTA programs and activities. Bringing in many different views is the key to building a robust and meaningful PTA in your community. Members come with their own views, experiences, cultural heritage and traditions, skills and abilities, values and preferences. California’s public schools are a rich weave of these diverse threads, and their PTAs must be as well. 

  • Recognize that involvement of diverse populations enriches PTA activities and enhances the wellbeing of all children and youth.

  • Listen to all voices so that your PTA can be an effective voice for ALL children.

  • Celebrate diversity. Break down barriers that discourage people or minimize their involvement.

  • Include in your active membership a representation of all ethnic, cultural, religious, economic and social groups in the community.

  • Ask: Are there large underrepresented groups of your student population missing from your PTA’s active membership? Is there enough representation from all groups to give an understanding needed to be advocates for all children? Does your PTA seek a diverse membership?

An interview with Zaretta Hammond, author of Culturally Responsive Teaching & The  Brain

SRVUSD Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning

Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning (CLR) is the practice of validating and affirming the home cultures and home languages of all of our students for the purposes of building upon those cultures to bridge students to success in the culture of academia and mainstream society. SRVUSD believes that all administrators, teachers, and staff need to meet the students where they are to help get them to where they need to be. Please visit their website for more information and district contacts: http://www.srvusd.net/CLR

2018-2019 Meeting Dates

Meetings will be held in the SRVUSD Boardroom:

Thursday, Aug 30th - 6:30pm

Tuesday, Sep 25th - 9:30am

Monday, Oct 29th - 6:30pm

Tuesday, Nov 27th - 9:30am

Monday, Jan 28th - 6:30pm

Tuesday, Feb 26th - 9:30am

Monday, March 25th - 6:30pm

Tuesday, April 23rd - 9:30am

Monday, May 20th - 6:30pm


SRVUSD Boardroom

699 Old Orchard Drive

Danville 94526

2018-2019 Committee Chair

Iris Tessler


Guest Speakers


LINK to proposed 2018-2019 meeting topics


2018-2019 Programs Coordinator

Linda Lozano

Words Matter Week

Multicultural Events